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The Sustainable Africa Initiative aims to address the Climate Risk Related Challenges faced by African nations as they seek to maintain and accelerate economic growth while transitioning their economies to a Low Carbon World.


Lead by the Climate Risk Research Foundation, the Linux Foundation’s OS-Climate, Generation Humanity and a growing number of members, the goal of the Consortium is to provide passionate and highly educated university students, professors, business owners, institutions, NGOs, and government officials throughout Africa with the data, tools, models, training, mentorship, infrastructure and support needed to identify and measure the potential future impacts of climate change and a transition to a low carbon world.

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Climate Risk Research Challenge - Nigeria 2023


One of the Sustainable Africa Initiative’s is a project focused on Nigeria.

As the largest oil producer in Africa and the 7th largest exporter of oil in the world, Nigeria’s economy relies heavily on the export of oil and petroleum products. These exports drive over $38B (USD) in annual revenue and account for two-thirds of Nigeria’s government spending on key imports such as grains to feed their citizens.

As the world moves towards a low-carbon future, Nigeria faces significant challenges in transitioning to a low-carbon economy while mitigating the physical, economic, and social risks associated with climate change.

To address these challenges, the Sustainable Africa Initiative Consortium seeks to unite resources in the form of data, tools, knowledge, and expertise to enable Nigeria to create effective transition scenarios and devise strategies to counter the escalating risks and consequences of climate change across all sectors and constituents.


One of the core elements of the Sustainable Africa Intiative is local collaboration and outreach through the Climate Risk Research Challenge – Nigeria 2023. The Challenge involves students from nine leading universities in Nigeria and offers $10,000 in grants to the top three individuals or teams.

With the support of OS-Climate members and volunteers such as Amazon, LSEG, UN PRI, and others, the students receive training, support, data, and mentorship to analyze the impacts of climate change on the agriculture sector and specific crops in Nigeria.

The Challenge aims to measure the food security risk to the population in the region and includes submissions of potential mitigation strategies.

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Sponsored by the Climate Risk Research Foundation, OS-Climate and Generation Humanity, the Sustainable Africa Initiative is launching the first-of-its-kind event in Nigeria, the Climate Risk Research Challenge. 

The Challenge offers participants a chance to win a portion of a $10,000 USD grant, notoriety, and an offer for a paid internship. The winning university receives cloud credits.

Participants of the Challenge are provided access to the tools, data, models, training and mentorship needed to compete.

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