Sustainable Africa Initiative

The Sustainable Africa Initiative is helping African nations identify and measure the physical and transition risks associated with climate change and developing and implementing sustainable climate adaptation and resilience strategies within Africa’s agriculture sector.


The core objective of the Sustainable Africa Initiative (SAI) is to equip Africa’s agriculture sector with the data, tools, and knowledge essential for developing and executing science-based strategies to mitigate and adapt to the physical and transition risks from climate change. These mitigation and adaptation strategies aim to bolster crop resilience, elevate agricultural output, improve food security, and notably diminish the number of individuals (currently over 230 million) in Africa afflicted by persistent hunger, as well as those suffering from malnutrition, and starvation. To develop and disseminate sustainable agriculture strategies across Africa demands global cooperation. 


Led by the Climate Risk Research Foundation in cooperation with the Tony Elumelu Foundation, the Sustainable Africa Initiative is supported by Amazon Web Services (AWS), Sustainable Solutions for Green Growth, Generation Humanity, and a multitude of corporations, non-profit organizations, academic institutions, and countless others wanting to have a positive impact on Africa. Contact us if you are willing to help.



In 2015, Mr. Tony O. Elumelu, the Chairman of the United Bank of Africa, Heirs Holdings and Transcorp Plc, along with his family made a $100 million commitment to launch The Tony Elumelu Foundation Entrepreneurship Programme. The initial goal of the Foundation was to empower 10,000 African entrepreneurs by granting them $5000 each, to create 1 million+ jobs and generate over $10 billion in revenue in Africa. To date, TEF has trained, mentored, and funded over 18,000 young African entrepreneurs and provided support to 1.5 million Africans via the Foundations TEFConnect network. launched in 2019 to link African entrepreneurs from all 54 nations to over 9,000 mentors, 25+ partners and business opportunities, tools and resources needed to grow and enhance their businesses. 


To ignite collaboration and innovation, the Sustainable Africa Initiative has launched the Climate Risk Research Challenge in 10 leading Universities in Nigeria and will soon launch Challenges in Kenya and across all of Africa. The goal of the Challenges is to provide Capacity Building in the form of training, mentorship and collaboration within Agriculture Studies Programs at leading African universities in order to enable local and on-going analysis on the potential climate-related risks on crops, food security and agriculture supply chains across Africa.

The Initiative aims to establish a grassroots movement that is led by African climate scientists and engineers allowing Africans to take ownership of developing and implementing proven science-based sustainable agriculture strategies that will enable Africa to grow, thrive and meet the agricultural production demands needed to feed its 1.46 billion citizens.


Existing climate data and analytics platforms are expensive and primarily concentrate on assessing investment assets in the Global North. They lack comprehensive high-resolution data on African and appropriate risk models tailored to the distinct characteristics of the African continent.

The Sustainable Africa Initiative (SAI) aims to construct and offer an open-source, Afrtica focused, Climate Risk Data Platform with the capacity to gather, align and provide access to essential data, models, and analytic tools. This Platform’s objective is to empower stakeholders across Africa to accurately evaluate potential climate-related risks and the susceptibility of assets within the agriculture sector, encompassing crops, water resources, supply chains, and food security.


Knowledge equates to empowerment. In collaboration with The Tony Elumelu Foundation, and leveraging access to over 1.5 million African entrepreneurs and business owners, including 500,000+ agriculture focused entrepreneurs linked on the TEFConnect network.  The Sustainable Africa Initiative seeks to expedite the exchange of knowledge through a Climate Risk Outreach Program to engage with agriculture sector stakeholders, from university students in agriculture studies programs, to TEF entrepreneurs, farmers, suppliers and government officials focused on the agriculture sector. 

SAI’s Climate Risk Outreach Program will provide this dynamic community Free online access to Climate Risk Data, tools, self-guided training materials, and even sustainable agriculture strategies and methodologies, all accessible from the (soon to launch) Africa Climate Risk Data Platform. 

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