Transition Analysis - WITNESS

The Situation: The Challenge of Measuring Transition Risk

The number and nature of risks are increasing with climate change, and combined with energy transition, it is about to disrupt the world as we know it. Generic impacts of energy transition on climate change, economy and people purchasing power… will have ripple consequences in most economic or institutional sectors.

Our Transition Analysis Tool, WITNESS, is a framework to structure the problem following a system of systems approach, allowing to leverage numerical simulation methods and tools to build a complete world transition model. Such a framework offer the possibility to plug-in best-in-class models from various origin, in order to evaluate various strategies in front of possible energy, resources, climate or economy evolutions, collaboratively securing and combining various experts advices on strategies strengths or weaknesses, coverage or gaps.

The Solution: WITNESS

The Transition Analysis tooling (aka WITNESS and associated UI, SoSTrades) allows organizations to:

  • Perform multiple scenario trades/analysis/business cases
  • Optimize global investments vs global objectives (e.g. investments in energy production techno to maximize economy development while minimizing emissions under resources constraints)
  • Assess the value/impact of energy production technology or resource
  • Project global economy, evolution coupled with energy, resources, climate, policies

The Partners:

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