We Serve as a conduit for collaboration between Climate Change Experts, Researchers and Policy Makers


Help solve complex climate-related problems

We are always looking to partner with passionate individuals, donors, data scientists, financial markets experts, economists and climate expert who are looking to collaborate on Research Projects that will have a positive impact on our environment and global community. Whether you are an independent consultant passionate about solving complex climate-related problems or work as part of a team at one of the world’s leading Universities, Institutions, Government Agencies and Corporations we would love your help. To learn how to get involved contact us.


It starts with identifying a climate-related problem

Starting a Project is easy. Contact Us and we can collective scope the focus, goals and outcomes of a Research Project. We will then identify the resources and financial support needed to complete the Project. Funding for each project comes from a mix of unrestricted tax-deductible donations and grants, and project-specific funding through contracts and grants. Project donors act as Executive Sponsors and have the ability to determine the level of transparency and dissemination of project specific data and any insights generated from project collaboration.


Thank you for supporting our work.

Donations to the Climate Risk Research Foundation are tax-deductible and help us provide transparent access to the data, models, tools and community of experts needed to identify and measure the potential impacts of Climate Change and to develop possible mitigation strategies. We appreciate every level of involvement and promise to do our best to do right by your generosity.

If you are looking to fund a grant to answer a specific climate related question or solve your specific challenge, please Contact Us or if you would like to make a donation to help with on-going and future research please click on the Donate button below.

Climate Risk Research Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization registered in the state of Connecticut.

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Let’s work together

Everyone agrees that Climate Change poses an existential risks to everything and everyone. Climate Change risk however involves much more than just the physical impacts from a rapidly changing climate. It involves the transitional risk on society from policies and actions taken in an effort to impact our changing climate. From implementing Carbon Taxes to banning the sale of internal combustion cars, each action taken has economic and social impacts that must be globally modeled, regionally measured and locally evaluated. To do this takes massive amounts of data and the collaboration of experts with diverse knowledge. We serves as the conduit for collaboration, the research project manager and the disseminator of knowledge. Contact Us and become a Corporate Collaboration Partner, a Data Partner, a Project Sponsor or an expert Volunteer.